Risk Reduction, grandfathered!

Price predictions

Even regional predictions through international data flow – time your sales and procurements with greater accuracy.

Data Lake

We connect different sources to drive maximum accuracy and transparency, this data lake was created to aggregate the information came from different sources.

Machine Learning - Training

We create a hybrid forecast - grandfathered by data scientists refined by machine learning

Validate Prediction

Decrease risks through your our professional inhouse validation for your own customized price prediction

Our Expertise

We are a team of highly dedicated academics, data scientists, and enthusiastic developers. Our management team has years of experience in professional trading, high growth start ups and analytics.
Risk reduction

Our customers often find themselves exposed to significant price volatility. They struggle with the use of incomplete information and data, that can make their business operations costly and ineffective. Applying AI to noisy data sets will not only transform the way we analyze data, but also improve the accuracy of market forecasts. Our profound expertise in data science will ensure the best possible application of AI solutions for your business.

Prediction Engine

Pigright AI developed its own Prediction Engine for predicting prices. This solution uses different types of machine learning, solved a wide range of typical ML problems (classification, regression, clustering, etc.), and based on a variety of proven tools like XG Boost, stochastic gradient descent, random forests, neural networks, and others.


Specialized in the development of complex machine learning solutions for advanced analytics of commodities bringing state-of-the-art academic research of machine learning to life in the real world.

Cooperation Objectives

We are focused on fundamental-based decision making and influencing price factors like by short-term liquidity changes within markets, news information and climate aspects through machine learning. The goal is to make the most accurate predictions on prices for all our clients and partners.

provider of one of the most fundamental price predictions

Prediction Framework to Forecast Commodity

This is the way.

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